Dragons Index


Warning(s): M/M (not Slash).
Status: Finished.
Pairing(s): None.
Author's notes: Often Green mating flights are depicted from the first-timers point of view, however one only ever has one first time.
The more experinced riders get left out and I felt like it was time for something different.
Summary: The morning after the flight before!
Size: 42k.

Dolphin Series

Warning(s): Attempted non-con / minor violence.
Status: WIP (2/3)
Pairing(s): None.
Author's notes: Parts One and Two were originally published in issues three and four of Affray Weyr's Fanzine 'Stands of Silver'
Summary: Set between Affray's First Fall and Early Pass timeline, it is the story of Sharamina (Mina) from young holder lass, storm tossed misadventurer,
ship wreckie, fledgling Dolphineer and Hall founder.
Size: k.

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