Roulette - Originally published under "Ronn" for Affray Weyr Fanzine SOS 6 

Roulette by Ronn.

Present Pass: (P 29.03.18)

Rating 13

<< >> Denotes thoughts

// // Denotes Dragon to Rider speech

\\ \\ Rider to Dragon speech

“ ” Denotes normal speech

First Spin:


Heat, Heat, Heat


Second Spin:


Heat, Burning Heat, Desire


Third Spin:


Heat, Burning Desire, Pulsing Wings, Arching Limbs, Roving Hands


Forth Spin:








<<Is it morning, already?>>


One sleep encrusted eyelid cracks open, pale grey pupil taking stock.



<<Not morning yet then!>>

<<Night Still>>

<<Why am I awake?>>


The sleepy relaxed figure shifts slightly, the soft movement triggering a short burst of pain.



<<Huh?? Where? What? How?>>

<<Bladder? No, not that, what then?>>


Shifting again the figure cautiously stretches, trying to locate the pains’ source. As the drowsy mind takes inventory something else encroaches into its awareness.


<<Ack, a Dead Weight at my back. Huh? Arm across my chest, hummm not one of mine, who’s’? Low burning ache at the base of my spine, familiar, oh, Oh, OH!>>


A brief jolt of memory.


He reaches out, probing for the constant presence in his mind, seeking the customary voice so like his own. It’s silent; sated, sleeping, no response.


<<Very late or very early? I can’t tell which, either way I should still be asleep.>>

<<Something roused me, I think, what was it? I should relax, return to sleep.>>

<<Curious though, that warm dead weight, the lax arm, someone is sharing my bed.>>


<<Which, to sleep or explore the possibilities?>>

<<Who won this game of roulette, the game of chance; who won my Lady this time?>>


Tentively he reaches out with his left hand, finger tips lightly grazing the hand of his sleeping partner, feather light touches against a dusting of hair on a bony wrist, following a trail up, across a thickening forearm.


<<Hummmm, nice, well muscled; too heavy for a woman, male then this companion of mine.>>


He moves, hips flexing gently to test a theory receiving an answering twinge from the base of his spine.


<<Oh yes, defiantly male, that explains the ache.>>





\\Emberenth? Lady, Who?\\

//Shsshh, sleep mine, you woke me, you think too much!//

\\Em. Lady mine, you’re not going to tell me are you? Evil dragon child you.\\

Soft draconic laughter is the only reply.


Curiosity temporally overruled by the body’s need to refresh itself, exhausted by the mating flight’s physical and emotional stresses the green rider falls back into restorative sleep, questions waiting unanswered until consciousness is once more returned.




It’s light again when K’san wakes the second time, soft light spilling under the heavy weyrhide curtain across the doorway to the weyr’s outer rooms, the bedroom for the moment still shrouded in dusky shadows. The splashing sound of someone washing echoes slightly from the bathing room, the bed emptied of one of its earlier occupants.


K’san groans as he shifts, stretching out his full length, working out the last few kinks from sleep stiffened muscles. It takes several moments for the still sleepy rider to realise he hasn’t connected with the other body he was subconsciously expecting to encounter. The sheets are rumpled around his waist and hold a lingering hint of warmth.


<<Not been gone long then.>>


A loud splash soon reveals the location of the missing person however and K’san’s fleeting disappointment at waking alone is swiftly replaced by re-activated curiosity.


Eyes screwed tightly shut as he yawns widely K’san stretches again, unaware his movements are being watched from the bathing room doorway. The man there slowly smiling as he dries his shaggy hair on the soft bathing sheet, the smooth muscled tone of the older man’s body holding his attention. More awake than the green rider he catalogues the form inadvertently displayed before his eyes, refined muscle, hairy chest, a number of small finger-tipped shaped bruises, random scars, sharply defined hips, still despite his age and occupation with all its hazards K’san was a healthy man and well worth the observation.


Waking exercises finished K’san gives on final tiny yawn before opening his to the expectant silence. Although unknown to the riders both men were privately wondering what this morning after the flight before was going to bring, how exactly the roulette was going to work out this time.


<<Well here we go again, lets see what or rather who we get this time.>>


Curiosity finally winning out over turns worth of memories K’san’s head turned towards the source of the slightly raspy breath audible from the far side of the room, grey eyes searched out the partially concealed figure.


<<Very nice. Tall; a bit thin but good muscles, nice tan too.>>


//His Maerdth flies high and strong too.//

\\Em. Bad girl, get out of my head while I’m checking out the nice young man.\\

//Ha, when aren’t you checking someone or other?//

\\Pot calling the kettle black there dear girl and you know it, now go back to your suitor and leave mine alone.\\



Sitting up against the headboard K’san startled, until that moment he hadn’t realised that the green dragon knew what a raspberry was, let alone be able to reproduce the sound. He was however unable to contemplate this hidden talent as his ruminations were interrupted by the quiet clearing of a throat. “Good morning.”


The young rider’s softly spoken words seemed overly loud in the otherwise quiet weyr and he

blushed in response, heat spreading rapidly across his face, pinking right to the tips of his ears.


“I hope you don’t mind me staying the night. I wasn’t sure what you’d prefer.”

“Lad you’re welcome, although I would of preferred not to wake alone.”

Embarrassed  the younger man’s fading blush returned with a vengeance, burning brightly and spreading its warmed down his neck, flushing pink down across the smooth chest. K’san found himself impressed by the display, not many men could pull it off and not look silly, before he realised that the other rider wore nothing but the bathing sheet held in a white fingered grip.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that as a complaint lad, I just meant it’s nice when the other party stays around long enough to wonder about what you want for breakfast rather than just offering a fast thanks and a faster exit.”

The blush softened at his words but did not leave entirely, a swift change of subject seemed appropriate.

“I think Em. is more than impressed with your Maerdth.”

“Really? I mean I think he’s impressive  blue but then again I’m more than a little biased.”

“For our won aren’t we all lad, aren’t we all. No, her exact words were he flies high and strong. She’s impressed is my Em. for her that’s his praise indeed.”

“Truly? Thank you,” now on a more comfortable and familiar topic the younger rider relaxed, the blush fading out entirely. “She’s a fine green too, good proportions, I’m not surprised she caught Maerdth’s attention.”

“Speaking of which, I hope you don’t mind me saying but you’re not used to this are you?”

“What?” Startled a little the blush crept back. “Oh well not really no, we usually can’t compete against the bigger browns but as I said Mar was rather caught up on your Emberenth and when he puts his mind to something neither fall nor fog is going to keep him from it.”

Seeing the younger man shiver slightly, unconsciously drawing attention to his undressed state, K’san patted the bed next to his covered thigh. “Here, sit.”

Looking over at the warm bed and then down at the bath sheet still clasped in his nervous grasp the younger man came to a decision, turning his back he hung the length of damp material back on it’s hook, inadvertently exposed the long soft curve of his spine, K’san’s eyes fell naturally to his behind, his own cheeks warming at the view.


<<OH. Nice>>

<<Em. darling you know how to pick them don’t you girl.>>


Turning back the younger man caught K’san watching. noticing first the heat from K’san’s face, heat further reflected in his gaze. With a shy smile he made his way across the floor, cold from the stone floor muted against his bare feet buy several of the many colourful knotted rag rugs; almost casually thrown in the most frequented areas including a direct path from the bathing room to the good sized bed.


<<Not as obtuse as he looks, worth getting to know better I think.>>

<<Not what I was expecting at all.>>

<<Yes, a LOT better.>>

<<A surprise, but a pleasant one at that.>>

<<K’lan my lad you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me.>>


//Shut up, you think too much, stop thinking and just kiss the man.//

\\Em. my love for advice like that for once I’ll let you get away with the last word.\\



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