Part the Two: What Was The Question Again?
Disclaimer in part one.

Level 27 call to Level 18 …..
**Close Doors. Engage Motor.**
Oh I like Level 18; Level 18 is where you're most likely to find ....
**Approaching Level 18. Engage Brakes. Lock Safeties Open Doors.**
YES!!….. Dr Daniel Jackson …..


OHHH Jackpot (Pun fully intended) ….. Looks like we have ourselves one General O’Neil as well …..
**Close Doors. Wait for Destination.**

“Aw come on”.
“Danny Boy”.
“Space Monkey!”

If I could smile I would, this argument has been going on for days, or maybe it’s a new one? With these two you can never tell, I’ve lost track of the number of times they’ve done this …..
**Wait for Destination.**

“Dr Jackson!”
“No Jack, no”.
“What is it about the word NO you can’t understand?”
“I understand it pretty well, just not when it comes from you, now how about it?”

**Wait for Destination!**
Oh this is good, Jack’s grinning, Daniel’s practically dancing on the spot and neither one has remembered to make a floor request. We could be here for sometime at this rate …..!

“Shut up Jack”
“Can it!”
“Zip it!”

Level 18 call to Level 26 ….. Looks like someone’s decided to get this show on the road …..
**Close Doors. Engage Motor.**


Ah looks like we’ve reached the no-verbal part now ….. At times it’s almost like their telepathic, I wonder…..

Raised left eyebrow.
Raised right eyebrow.
Squint over glasses.
Crosses arms. Scowl.
Tilts head to right.Wink.
Raise left eyebrow.
Opens arms for hug. Blows kiss.
Laughs. “The answers still NO Jack, give it up.”
“Uh huh, never. Come on Dannyboy you know you want to, I can see it in your face, you’re dying to”.
“Dying to? Been there, done that, sold shares in the t-shirt Jack.”

**Approaching Level 26. Engage Brakes. Lock Safeties. Open Doors.**
NOOOOooooo! Not yet ….. Just when things were getting interesting …..
Jack and Daniel step out, waiting random SF gets in; presses destination Level 16 …..
**Close Doors. Engage Motor.**

“Hey Jack?”
“Yes Daniel”.
“Where are we?”