Part the Four: He's What? He's Where?

Level 14 on route to Level 27 … …
Huh? What the? ... …
Level 15, Level 16, Level 17, Level 18 ……
Owwwww! That hurt! … …
Stopping at Level 19. **Engage Brakes. Lock Safeties. Open Doors.**

“I’m just saying Sam … …”

**Doors open**
Oh H.E.L.L.O. there General, you’re a sight for sore diodes … …

“Carter, Daniel.”
”Sir, going our way?”
“Oh, hi Jack and No!”
”What? I didn’t say anything.”
”Doesn’t mean you weren’t thinking it, and the answer’s still No!”

**Doors close. Resuming journey.**
Level 20. Level 21… …
Whimper. I Feel Sick! … …

**Stopping at Level 22. Engage Brakes. Lock Safeties. Open Doors.**


”Erm is it just me or didn’t that sound very healthy?”

Healthy? Does Mr 'I’ve been assigned my own hospital bed,' even know the meaning of the word? …

”Indeed, DanielJackson. I believe this conveyance is overdue for a service.”
”Hey don’t look at me, I ordered Stiler to take a look at it a week ago, it’s not my fault the man’s spends more time in the infirmary than Daniel. Doc says he’s going to be laid up for at least another week, until they can get him in to plaster.”

OHHH … … Well that’s just great; I guess our resident J.O.A.T. must've gone and blown himself up again. Looks like I’m gonna have to wait for even a simple hydraulic fluid check.

“So teamnight, Friday, my place, pizza, film?”
“I thought it was Daniel’s turn.”
“Colonel Carter is correct.”
“Colonel Carter,” Sam smiles, “I still can’t get used to hearing that.”

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, A WEEK! I refuse to wait that long. Don’t they understand I’m in pain here, I swear some of my circuit boards are loose and there’s this terrible ache where my wire is fraying.

This calls for drastic measures! … …

Wait for it! … …
Level 25.
Wait for it! … …
Level 26.
NOW! … …



Oh looky here, seems like I’ve finally gotten someone’s attention! … …

“Could you get off me please?”
“I would but Sam seems to be lying on my legs.”
“Don’t blame me, I’m getting an up and personal view of Teal’c’s back.”
”Teal’c do me a favour and GET OFF OF Carter before Daniel permanently damages bits of me I prefer to keep in working order.”
"My apologies, may I assist you Samantha, DanielJackson?”

”Hey what about me?”

”Face it Jack, we all know you’re beyond help.”