Part the Six: Did Someone Mention A Plot?

Authorís notes:
Part six was originally going to be the end of the trapped sequence which started in part three, however ... ...
Enough said about me, planning, and bad ideas the better! ... ...
So I've had to split this into two parts because it's running the risk of no longer being a series of shorts ... ...
Oh dear, I just had an image of a bunch of shorts on a washing line - Seriously sanity, highly over-rated in my opinion! ... ...
Ahem! Time to get back on topic; well as much as on topic as I'm ever likely to get, that is! ... ...
Just to say my muse, (and his size 11 Ruby army boots ), has decided this is being extended into part seven.

"Hey what about me?"
"Face it Jack, we all know you're beyond help."

cont... ...

"Uh huh ... Ok ... Fine ... At least another three hours you say ... Can't locate the fault ... Sit tight ..."

**CLICK**Sound of Emergency phone being replaced.

Three hours, yeah right I'm staying here until I'm damn well good and ready ... ...
Oh no my pretties, you may poke and prod all you like, this lift ain't going anywhere ... ...

"Sam, what did they say, are we likely to get out of here anytime soon?"
"Sorry Daniel, same as before."

Oh! What is it about maniacal laughter that just makes you feel 'SO' much better? ... ...
Now all I need is a slicked back hair do and a black moustache to twirl and I'm set!... ...

"Hey Jack?"
"I cannot believe he's still sulking over that help crack."
"I am also finding it difficult Samantha."
"I'm not."

I am; Shessshhhh! ... ...
And I thought throwing a wobbly and refusing to budge was childish ... ...
Snigger, childish but so much fun! ... ...

"I'm not sulking."
"Are not."
"Are too."
"Are not."
"T... I can't believe we're having this conversation!"
"Funny, Teal'c and I can!"

"Well if you're not sulking what are you doing?"
"I'm sorry youíre doing what?"
"Hey, do you mind?"
"No, next question."

I think I've lost the plot! ... ...

"As I was saying I was thinking."
"Ok I fold, thinking about what?"
"Oh, just that if you'd not been such a stuffed shirt and said yes earlier we could have been outta here hours ago and I wouldn't have had to spend the last four hours stuck in an elevator on my own Base!"
"You, you're blaming this on me?"
"No. You, you, you, you, you ... Argggghhhhhhhhh!"

I think they've lost the plot! ... ...

"Daniel, please stop with the jumping up and down, do you really want to unstick us and cause a rapid relocation to the basement just because you need to throw a hissy fit?"
"If that's what it will take to get away from you, you smug g ..."

You know, Iím not really sure there was ever a plot to begin with! ... ...

"Now who's sulking?"

Sigh. He's kinda funny when you get him frustrated! ... ...
I wonder? ... ...
Oh no, I couldnít ... ...
Besides who would clean up the mess? ... ...

"I saw that!"
"?" Raises single eyebrow. "I do not know either Samantha."

? ... ...

My brain hurts! ... ...
Ooppsy! ... ...

"Ok, so who turned out the lights?"
"Don't worry the emergency backup will come on in a second."
"Ah Sir, that was the backup!"
"Oh great Carter, another fine day on planet Murphy!"
"Planet Murphy? Is the name of this planet not Earth O'Neill?"