Part the Seven: Domination Of The ATM Bandits!

Author's notes: I'm writing these sections 'bass ackwards' having half finished part eight last week, I've been stuck on part seven for days. There's just been nothing I've felt rant worthy; that and having tried to explain to my sister why I find MPreg stories amusing she then tried to talk me into getting my lift here pregnant & then having a swarm of baby lifts let loose in the air ducts.
I'll admit to being barmy but that one is just beyond even me!
Besides which I'm not even sure what sex the lift is. My Muse in his size 11 Ruby Army boots hasn't decided to divulge that information to this poor confused author.

Thanks to the joys, (and I use that word lightly) of electronic mail;
I have received a communication from my brother.
I'd read it out to you now but for some reason it's dark in here!
And, so, therefore, I can't and I won't.

Seems that my youngest niece has gotten a job working in a Casino!
Making a 'Big' name for herself in Vegas.
His baby girl has jacked in her 'sensible' position with the bank.

Seems like being a simple ATM is not good enough now for Daughter Dearest.
Or so he says!
I didn't like to tell the fat-headed fool she's nothing more than a tarted-up one-arm-bandit!

He says just handing out money is below her, not putting her talents to good use!
Ha! I think she's just worked out what all women know.
Get the punters to work for it and they'll respect you more than if you're giving it away for free!

The girl definitely got her daddy's share of the family brain cell!
Hit em where it hurts I say, sure fire way to get a man's attention.
Grab em by the wallet, and I'll guarantee you'll keep it!
Go for it my girl.
For today you shall have Vegas, but tomorrow'll give you the World.

I couldn't do it myself, no sir, no way.
All those flashing lights and blaring sirens.
I'd have a headache in no time flat.
Nothing like my home in the SCG.
Ok, maybe a little!
Nothing like a quiet, (for quiet read boring) day in the SGC.
I'll settle for controlling my own little corner of the military.

Stuff World domination, I'll leave that to the younger generation.
Too much hard work if you ask me!