Part the Nine: You Can't Make Me!

Author's notes: Still stuck in 'bass ackwards' mode.
Still stuck looking for rant worthy material.
Still being kept in the dark about, well everything, by my Muse and his size 11 Ruby Army boots.
No longer ignoring previous author's notes in relation to me, planning & bad ideas!
Doing happy dance as my new laptop arrives tomorrow, so I should be able to write in bed straight to Word rather than getting swamped by pages and pages of paper notes. Won't help me post faster thou Ė this section was written in the pub at lunch time and there is no way I'm lugging a laptop to work and back when a pen is so much lighter!

SIGH! ... ...

How embarrassing.
Caught mooning over the object of my affections!
By a bleedin M.A.L.P. no less!
Flipping things are worse gossips than the entire catering department put together.

Is it not enough that I can't even get a date with the maintenance department?
Even worse to be crushing on someone.
At my age no less.
I should know better.


Oh my, the no.3 F.R.E.D.
It's just ... ...
He's just so ... ...


Why did it have to be a F.R.E.D.?
Why not a U.A.V.?
I've finally cracked!

Like we don't know what U.A.V. really stands for.


So they can fly.
So bloody what?
It's like they want a flippin medal for it or something!

Why they don't just rename the whole lot and be done with it, I don't know.
I have a suggestion if they get stuck.
Perfect don't you think?

Date a U.A.V.?


The END ... ?

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